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ROARING SoON till forever

REDLIONS is a PFP collection built to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! The collection rewards our beloved audience with raving lions that'll keep your spirits high as you traverse any and all Web 3.0 arenas



Minting Price






Ali Cooper #2345

Vanessa Novak #6821

Freddy Duke #236

Alfons Fly #8836

Neil Weakarm #7412

Jeremy Lennon #22

Tasos Green #1298

Johny Meme #812

Click image to Download


Wanna rock a REDLION before the drop to support our fam? Pick your favorite, download it and use it on Twitter as your PFP. Add (❤️‍🔥,🦁) after your nickname and post the image with #redlionsPFP hashtag. You won’t regret it.

5 reasons why we are unleashing the RedLions now

We want to honor our Hodlers

Celebration of two years of existence

We love a good challenge

We are exploring PFP as an artform

Our fans need to flex new PFPs

Every trait has a story to tell

Traits and Rarities were built with the history of NFTs in mind. Some of the traits pay tribute to existing legends and game-changing events in the space. Additionally, each trait has its own description which adds an educational layer to the project.

Let's Talk Nipples!

Jose Gonzales #1234 looks like an ordinary weirdo. But actually he is a bad ass 14-traiter!

REDLIONS generator uses a combination of 19 layers with a maximal usage of 15.

We have created 300 traits with many referencing our Gazette magazine covers, honoring nft/crypto communities and celebrating meme culture.


Base Lion

Body Mods




Leather Wrap


Nipple mods

Gold Rings



Gold chain






Checkered Shirt



Van Dyke









Gold glasses


Mouth Mods



Nose Mods

Silver Ring


Ears Mods

Gold Ring Left





Hidden Traits — strip your lion down in the PFP viewer! What secrets will be revealed?

* Mane hairstyle generation is more complex using 4 layers; some layers obscure each other, while other layers are complementary.

Trait of the day




Trait rarity

?.?? %

The final destination for a lot of us. Wear your crown of shame proudly though, as you were a millionaire back then, and you still hodl that cute derivative *insert animal* PFP.

Featured on gazette 71


Unlike other PFP collections with custom drawn “unique” one-to-ones that imply rarity to degens, our legendary gems are built from traits. The magic happens when certain combinations click together and produce a roaringly perfectly match.


Get the forever PFP that you love without betting on luck. Legendary REDLIONS will be put on auction with an initial reserve price. Once reserve is met, a count down period will begin. The auctioned PFP will go to the highest bidder. More details about auction system coming soon.


Redlion Gazette issue #34 introduced our beloved mascot, Bahdoon. He was created as the first pixel art prototype of this collection. Seems r(o)are


LIONS festival

Enter Roarstock. A never ending festival in which REDLIONS go wild, crazy, tripping and flipping, all while the world revolves around it unknowningly.

Roaring soon

Till forever

What happens at ROARSTOCK stays at ROARSTOCK...

Gimme those cigs goddamint!

A stuck cigs vending machine is a partier's biggest enemy...

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Andrew Kowalski #5892

Sara Kowalski #1698

Theo Kowalski #2359

Agnes Kowalski #7892

Name matters!

Meet Andrew, Sara, Theo and Agnes: the Kowalski family. Besides visual traits, our NFT metadata will include first and last names.

Some families may be bigger than others—you will also find roar orphans.

We plan to introduce cool features which will incentivize REDLIONS holders to get in touch with their family members or other orphans.

Free Mint.

For everyone?

REDLIONS is a free to mint collection for Redlion Gazette 1–120 NFT's holders. We will also reserve some spots for friendly communities and for active followers on Twitter and Discord

What is the redlion gazette?

The Redlion Gazette is the world's first NFT weekly magazine publication. Each week, we document all the NFT / Crypto / Defi news and global historic events. Then we curate everything into relevant, insightful articles with beautiful, bespoke cover art.

Get yourself a Gazette before they moon: they're your only tickets to join us at Roarstock!

Wen Drop?


We will announce the drop date as soon we are 100% happy with with the project testing phase. We want to make sure that we provide our fans with the best minting experience.


24 hours before the DROP we will take snapshot of all holders' balances to estimate the amount of mints for each wallet address. From this point assets transfer won't take any effect.


Once the gates to ROARSTOCK are open, Gazette holders and whitelisted wallets will be able to mint. In case REDLIONS aren’t minted out in two weeks, we’re gonna proceed and open more spots.


So you are broke, huh? You have spent all your ETH on worthless bags, but still want to get it? We hear you. Join our Discord and stay tuned to our Twitter for opportunities to be whitelisted.




Every Roar has its own flavor. Below are some of products we're getting ready for the production line.


Nothing good comes out of war frens.

Rick Jones

Ex-Army Colonel

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We try to underpromise and overdeliver. So yeah, in the future, there most likely will be a utility for REDLIONS across our broad ecosystem, but we gonna hit you by surprise!


Wen drop?

REDLIONS project is still in ongoing development (WIP). We are finalizing artwork assets, developing a smart contract, and minting website for an “as smooth as possible” minting experience. We will announce the drop date when we are ready.

How can I get REDLIONS?

Every Gazette (issues 1–120 only) that you own gives you one REDLION. For Example: if You own 23 Redlion Gazettes, you will get 23 REDLIONS PFPs. We will also collab with friendly communities and run multiple whitelist spots giveaways and contests on Twitter and Discord. Tuned, turn on notifications and join our Discord.

How are the 10,000 REDLIONS distributed?

REDLIONS are created as a cultural symbol token for our ecosystem that we dedicate to our beloved community. Anyone who collected any Redlion Gazette will be eligible to mint for free. You will pay only for the gas fees.

Can you explain the minting timeline?

Once MINT is live, all eligible addresses would be able to mint their corresponding amounts of REDLIONS in 1:1 ratio (1 Gazette = 1 REDLION PFP) in one single transaction. There won't be any option to opt-out from full batch mint. If you don't want to mint all your REDLIONS you’ll need to split the balance into another wallet and only keep the amount you’d like to mint on your whitelisted wallet.

As the DROP starts we will also allow COMMUNITY MINTS - whitelisted addresses given to our friendly collaborating communities and our promotional whitelists.

The MINT will not be restricted by any time frame, we will open it until minting out, but we may open additional spots for communities and other Redlion NFT assets if there is low interest from Gazette hodlers.

I want a LEGENDARY REDLION. How will that auction work?

We will announce more detail closer to the drop, but the LEGENDARY REDLIONS auction will work as a bidding war with a set reserve price and countdown period.

Who did the pixel art?

The pixel art style and assets were developed in-house by our talented artists Dudly and Amal. We hired an external pixel artist for consultation and to help us with a few traits.

What is the license for art?

The artwork of REDLIONS will be released under the public domain Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license. That allows the community to use the artwork at free will. We believe this approach is aligned with our Redlion brand culture same as with the public decentralized narrative of blockchain technology.

How many mints do I get per Gazette?

Exactly one. Each Gazette is eligible to claim one REDLIONS PFP token in the given time frame. Head over to this check tool to see how many you will get.

I have lot of Gazettes but I want to mint just a few REDLIONS. How do I do that?

You will have to mint your entire batch at once with one transaction (1 for every Gazette you own). We are giving our hard work away for free but you are not obligated to mint REDLIONS at all if you don't want to. If you want to mint SOME of your REDLIONS, you’ll need to split your Gazette balance into another wallet.

Where can I see the smart contract?

The smart contract is written also in-house and audited by a collaborating NFT expert. You can find the smart contract on Etherescan here (soon).

Is the team doxxed?

Yes. Redlion NFT is behind this project and we are contributing to the NFT community for more than 2 years now with over a hundred consecutive Redlion Gazette drops among many other side projects. Check Redlion NFT team .

I am a Gazette subscriber. Any benefits for me?

Thank you for the support, we love you! As subscribers, you will most likely get more PFPs than a regular Gazetteer and you got those Gazettes for a better price already.

I want REDLIONS badly, but I don't have any Redlion NFTs. Am I screwed?

There are a few options for you. First, you can try to scoop up some Gazettes from secondary markets. Second, uou can buy new Gazettes released weekly (until we announce the snapshot date). Lastly, we’ll take care of those who help us promote the project and engage both our Twitter and Discord communities.

What are the royalty rates and how they will be used?

Royalties from secondary sales will be set to 5%. We're gonna use the revenue for further development of Redlion products. FYI, OpenSea adds another 2.5% fees on top of that.

What is the utility of REDLIONS?

Bro, it is a profile picture, ok? Actually it is way more than that: the NFT token will be used in our broad ecosystem. You gotta stayed tuned, tho—we’re gonna hit you by surprise!

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